A&Z Roof Coating Replacement

Yes, A&Z Roofing does Roof Coating Replacement

A&Z Roof Coating Repairs?

Yes, A&Z Roofing does Roof Coating Repairs!


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What are Elastomeric Roof Coatings?

Elastomeric roof coatings are a highly elastic solvent based single component exterior waterproofing. The coating “membrane” is formed in place, right on the roof deck where the curing takes place.


Angelo Zerbo’s simple description.

Single ply roof system in a pail.

Why use Elastomeric Roof Coatings?

The superior flexibility of Elastomeric roof coating eliminates leaking and cracking over a broad range of temperature fluctuations. The 100% acrylic emulsion offers resistance to weathering, abrasion, and water penetration while also being resistant to yellowing and chalking. Elastomeric roof coatings are an attractive alternative to re-roofing. Application of roof coatings to existing roofing systems have proven to extend the life of the existing roof system.

Elastomeric Roof Coating Features/Benefits?

Reduces surface temperatures on metal roofs by as much as 50 degrees and interior temperatures by as much as 15 degrees

Cost effective re-roof alternative

Extends the life of an existing roof system

Elastomeric Roof Coating Warranties?

Based on application rates, most manufacturer’s offer a renewable 10 Year Warranty; however, roof and environment conditions can vary greatly, and may permit longer lifecycles.