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Green and Community

Green and Community

At A&Z Roofing, we strive to do more than replace and fix roofing. We strive to improve our environment and community. That’s why we offer eco-friendly, green solutions to our customers. These green or “garden” roofing options beautify the area and provide a safe haven for local wildlife like bees, birds, and flowers. We also try to help the people of our community. We offer special, long term warrantees to long standing organizations like churches and universities. Read more about garden roofing solutions on our Roofing Green page. Visit our Community & Charity page to learn more about our community involvement.


Green or garden roofing is a popular new trend in eco-friendly building. Basically, a garden is installed on your roof. The bottom layer consists of industrial grade waterproof material. Above that is a drainage foundation system. This layer retains just enough water to keep the plants from drying out while getting rid of excess water so there’s no damage to your roof. The next layer is a custom soil designed perfectly for your climate. Finally, the top layer is your chosen vegetation. There are many benefits to installing a garden roof. Green roofing reduces energey bills by 15-25%. It’s also an effective form of land optimization, allowing you to add more square footage onto your existing property. Green roofing often comes with federal as well as state and local tax benefits. A&Z garden roofing solutions are installed quickly for less disruption to your building. They come with waterproofing as a base to prevent leakage. Once you choose the plants you like, we guarantee to cover the during the critical early stages of growth. Other green roofing options include TPO and PVC. Both of these materials are white and therefore reflect UV rays. This greatly reduces energy consumption and fossil fuel emissions. One of our greenest options is solar panel roofing. You’ll be able to power your building with clean, renewable energy and enjoy government tax breaks. The natural light only skylights can provide beautifully illuminates your home or office and reduces your energy bill. There’s no need flip a switch when you have skylights. The sun does all the work for you! Finally, A&Z will always advise you on recovering your existing roofing system. Recovering your system produces less waste than tearing out a system completely. Contact A&Z today for your free, green roofing consultation!


As part of our ongoing commitment to the community, we are proud to offer special, long term warranties to the organizations who need it most. Churches, universities, and other religious organizations are deeply rooted parts of the community. These important organizations are not likely to change buildings. They deserve to have the peace of mind knowing their structure is protected for years and years to come. A&Z offers them ongoing maintenance options that extend the warrantees of the roof. These maintenance packages can be passed from administrator to administrator. If you manage a church, university, or other long standing organization, contact A&Z to learn more about our long term maintenance plans.