About Us

Why Choose A&Z Roofing

Choosing a roof is one of the most important investments you’ll ever make. Roofing does more than add curb appeal. It protects your possessions and family from the elements. Trusting the wrong company could jeopardize the structure your property. At A&Z, we strive to give thorough and accurate assessments. We’ll give you the peace of mind you deserve without breaking your budget. Owner Angelo Zerbo founded A&Z with the intention of bringing the highest quality roofing service to metro Detroit. We have endeavored to maintain this standard for over 30 years. When you choose A&Z for your project, you get more than a roof. You get professionals who will:

  • Give you a thorough, fair estimate for your project
  • Quickly address problems and complaints
  • Give you roofing service that is licensed and insured. Licensed contractors must hold a trade license with the state. It requires passing competency tests about business practices, trade skills, and paying for insurance. Insurance protects the customer from having to pay if there is an unforeseen problem with construction.
  • Provide you with dozens of material and color options to match any building.
  • Offer you selections of extended and manufacturer warranties. -Advise you on the future well being of your roof regarding maintenance and inspections.
  • We specialize in every kind of roofing from commercial to residential; flat to shingled roofs. No roof is too challenging! Contact A&Z today for your roofing needs today! The consultation is free!

The A&Z Experience

A&Z began as more than a roofing company. We grew from an engineering background and a desire to help others. Founder Angelo Zerbo grew up in Detroit. His father, a tile contractor who immigrated from Italy, instilled the ethics of hard work and quality in his son. Angelo began his career in the carpentry field and studied engineering in Detroit. However, his passion for roofing overruled his carpentry skills but still appealed to his construction skillset.

Angelo credits his friend for influencing his decision to ultimately start a roofing company. A roofing contractor friend had a business located in Florida but was looking to relocate to Michigan. Out of his sincere desire to help others, Angelo helped his friend land roofing jobs in the Midwest. As time went on, they began to work together on projects. Eventually, Angelo decided to strike out on his own and founded A&Z.

Using his strong work ethic, engineering background, and first hand experience, Angelo strives to keep A&Z on the cutting edge of roofing technology. In the 1980s, A&Z was one of the first companies to pioneer single ply roofing solutions. These products were developed in Europe during the Second World War when traditional roofing materials like tar and gravel were scarce. As these single ply systems made their way across the Atlantic, Angelo saw the value and transformed the roofing industry in metro Detroit.

Like any other technology, roofing is always evolving. In the past, roofing was a very isolated industry because of the materials and equipment required. Now, roofing includes options like coatings and liquid roofs. With more choices than ever before, A&Z takes pride in being able to share our expertise with the customer. We also educate the customer on just how important a roof is to a building or residence. It’s more than aesthetics, it’s 1/3 of a building’s structure. Depending on the materials, roofing can last between 10-30 years. That’s a huge investment and we want you to get the highest quality out of it!

Despite his great success, Angelo gives credit to his team of loyal, skilled workers, many of whom have been with A&Z for twenty years. At A&Z Roofing, we know researching and deciding on a roof can be confusing. Through his expert knowledge and down to earth personality, Angelo hopes to make purchasing a roof easier to understand. Look for his “Angelo-isms” on our roofing pages and call us today! Your consultation is always free!