If you haven’t scheduled regular inspections for your roof, you could be shortening the lifespan of your investment. Repairing damage as it occurs is important, but without regular inspections, future problems could go unnoticed until it’s too late. Contact A&Z today


It’s important to see a doctor when you’re ill. However, regular check ups will catch major health problems before it’s too late. Your commercial roof needs check ups as well. Scheduling a commercial roofing inspection with A&Z protects your building and the property in it. Our professionals will document existing problems as well as things to keep an eye on for the future. Some signs that your commercial building needs an inspection include: standing water, bubbles in roofing material, gaps in roof flashing, tears, poorly secured light fixtures, and poorly sealed skylights. Commercial roofing inspections should always be done after a severe wind or thunderstorm. However, we recommend scheduling several inspections throughout the year to catch problems as they arise. Good hygiene extends the lifespan of your commercial roof. Contact A&Z today to schedule your commercial roofing inspection today. Our licensed, insured professionals will give you an accurate, detailed assessment of your roof. The first consultation is always free. Call today!


Scheduling a regular roofing inspection can spot problems areas on your roof before they become major pains. Some signs you need a roofing inspection include: leakage, blistering or peeing of paint, stains, mold, mildew, decay, sheathing, damaged shingles, dirty looking areas on roof, excessive energy bill. Any of these issues are signs that you need a roof inspection. Just as car mechanics will alert you to car troubles, the A&Z roofing professionals will alert you to problems with your roof. Inspections are farthing reaching than repair projects. Some companies merely repair obvious damage without informing the customer on the state of the roof. A&Z strives to educate our customers on the health of their roof as a whole. Contact A&Z today to schedule your roofing inspection. The first consultation is always free!